The Carnic Pievi Trail

Nature, history, art and spirituality in Carnia

Stages 16 + 17: an alternative

The proposed itinerary offers the opportunity to experience a very scenic route in the heart of Central Carnic Alps. You gain altitude by taking the cable car; and then the path continues largely downhill, meeting three alpine pastures, still in use, along the way.

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Stage Overview

Starting Point ----
Arrival Point ----
Difficulty Tourist trail
Length 13 km
Walking time 0 min
Environment Meduim Mountain
Exposure North, East, North, South-East
Climb (in metres) 0 m
Descent (in metres) 920 m
Map ref. Tabacco 09 (1:25.000)
Water springs YES
Suitable for cycling YES
Horse Rideable YES
Presence of a Pieve YES

Route description

SIXTEENTH- SEVENTEENTH STAGE. The route connects Ravascletto directly to Pieve di Zuglio, crossing the Monte Zoncolan’s reliefs, bypassing the villages of Cercivento and Sutrio. A cable care is in place to access the peak followed by a stroll down a gentle path, encountering three mountainous pastures. The stop offers the opportunity to appreciate the scenic route of the Cetral Alpi Carniche

The Pieve of St. Peter


This church (Pieve) of San Pietro in Zuglio is considered the most important of the Carnia group, as it represents the cradle of the  Christian church in this area. Though the current building is fourteenth century, it became a parish church in about the ninth century, and archaeological excavations document religious activity here going back much further in time. Inside the church there are many works of art from the late sixteenth century, frescoes and altars, including a masterpiece by the sculptor Domenico Mioni da Tolmezzo. Unfortunately, other statues have been stolen. On Ascension Sunday, in May, you can see the traditional Bacio delle Croci (the Kissing of the Holy Crosses), symbolising the devotion of all the churches in the valleys to the Mother Church in Zuglio. Not far from the church, in Polse di Cougnes, where you can visit a rich botanical garden.


Opening times:

The church is normally open over the weekend in July and August to the first days of September, as well as in conjunction with any event or celebration. For those who intend to visit the church on other days / times, is possible to request an extraordinary opening, by clicking here

Additional Information


Food: a refreshment point with traditional home cooking is open for lunch and dinner at the Polse of Cougnes; (ask of Ms. Bianca).

Accommodation: guest house with several rooms equipped with 2-3 beds and bathroom (check for availability).

For information and reservations:

The Polse of Cougnes - San Pietro in Carnia 33020 Zuglio (UD)

Tel 0433.929084, Cell 329.2622525 (Don Giordano Cracina)

Please note:

Opening periods: normally open from late spring to autumn (May to October / November)