The Carnic Pievi Trail

Nature, history, art and spirituality in Carnia

Fourteenth Stage

Transfer stage not very demanding that from Pesarina Valley leads into the Ovaro valley, connecting two central Carnia typical villages across wooded areas, while leaving behind the Pesarine Dolomiti and opening a glimpse into the Central Carnic Alps with Zoncolan, Tamai and Arvenis mounts.

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Stage Overview

Starting Point Prato Carnico
Arrival Point Cella - Ovaro
Difficulty Tourist trail
Length 13.2 km
Walking time 3 hr, 45 min
Environment Low Mountain
Exposure North, East
Climb (in metres) 527 m
Descent (in metres) 642 m
Map ref. Tabacco 01 (1:25.000)
Water springs NO
Suitable for cycling NO
Horse Rideable NO
Presence of a Pieve YES
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Route description

After the last five trails taking us through woodland, meadows and mountain pastures, we finally find a church again, one of the oldest in Carnia. The trail leads from the valley of Val Pesarina to the picturesque Ovaro basin in the Gorto channel, connecting two local Carnic villages before  finally dropping to the valley floor. We now pass through wooded areas, leaving behind the Pesarine Dolomites. Before us, the Central Carnic Alps open up, leading to the Zoncolan, Tamai and Arvenis mountains .

The Pieve of St. Mary, The Gorto Valley


The church (Pieve) in Gort is situated on a hill overlooking the Ovaro valley. It dates back to the eighth century, but it has been in existence since at least the fifth century. The very first construction was next to the River Degano and was complete with a baptismal font. This area is now occupied by the church of San Martino.  However, important archaeological excavations have unearthed an early Christian complex of great importance helping scholars understand more about the early Church in Carnia.  Santa Maria today presents itself as eighteenth-century, though the structure itself is mid fifteenth century.  And in the apse remains of thirteenth century frescoes are still visible


Opening times:

The church is normally open over the weekend in July and August to the first days of September, as well as in conjunction with any event or celebration. For those who intend to visit the church on other days / times, is possible to request an extraordinary opening, by clicking here

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