The Carnic Pievi Trail

Nature, history, art and spirituality in Carnia

Fifth Stage

The route links the two villages and takes place on slopes and pleasing shade of woodland, part of conifers, deciduous part. In the last part we cross the Tagliamento river going back to its left bank

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Stage Overview

Starting Point Villa di Verzegnis
Arrival Point Invillino - Villa Santina
Difficulty Tourist trail
Length 8.5 km
Walking time 3 hr, 0 min
Environment Low Mountain
Exposure East, West
Climb (in metres) 423 m
Descent (in metres) 461 m
Map ref. Tabacco 13 (1:25.000)
Water springs NO
Suitable for cycling NO
Horse Rideable NO
Presence of a Pieve YES
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Route description

This trail is walkable all year round. Gentle slopes and pleasant woodland shade, part conifer, part deciduous. Until after World War II this area was still largely only meadowland. Towards the end of the trail you cross the River Tagliamento, making your way back up again, on the  left hand side.

The Pieve of St. Mary Magdalin

The hilltop Church (Pieve) of Santa Maria Maddalena goes back to the eighth-ninth century, though there was already a fifth century Christian basilica on the nearby Cuel Cjuce highland, where archaeological excavations have unearthed the remains of a nave and some mosaic paving. It was probably abandoned during the Barbarian invasions. 

Despite the devastating 1976 earthquake, the church still retains its sixteenth-century appearance. Inside is one of the masterpieces by Domenico Mioni da Tolmezzo, an altarpiece with a Madonna and saints, painted wood and gold, dated 1488. What you can see today is a faithful copy, made by artisans from South Tyrol, as the original is kept at the Diocesan Museum in Udine, to protect it from theft.

Opening times:

The church is normally open over the weekend in July and August to the first days of September, as well as in conjunction with any event or celebration. For those who intend to visit the church on other days / times, is possible to request an extraordinary opening, by clicking here

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