The Carnic Pievi Trail

Nature, history, art and spirituality in Carnia

Fifteenth Stage


Transfer stage that requires a medium physical effort and connects two typical Carnian villages . The route is scenic open the climb towards the upper valley Degano and Pesarina Valley, while in the central part crosses even the woods.

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Stage Overview

Starting Point Ovaro
Arrival Point Zovello
Difficulty Tourist trail
Length 12.3 km
Walking time 4 hr, 0 min
Environment Low Mountain
Exposure West, North
Climb (in metres) 780 m
Descent (in metres) 412 m
Map ref. Tabacco 09 (1:25.000)
Water springs NO
Suitable for cycling YES
Horse Rideable YES
Presence of a Pieve NO
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Route description

This is a medium length trek. The trail here links two classic Carnic villages, and  we leave the  Canale di Gorto behind us at its widest point. There are ample views of the Upper Val Degano and Val Pesarina valleys. Also, the middle part of the route takes us in and out of woodland, and in general offers a rich and varied plant and wildlife. Much of the land around here would have been destined for haymaking, and the simple stone "stivoli" buildings, now often overgrown with wild hazel buhes, were originally used for hay storage. The woodland is varied,  mainly spruce and beech, partly natural and partly man-made. As for the undergrowth, it's a good area for both flowers and mushrooms; and there's also quite a good variety of wildlife.  There's also a healthy community of  black grouse on the upper hills, while the valley floor is home to red and roe deer, foxes and badgers. You might also hear the Corncrake (Crex crex), singing, common in these parts and a sure sign of a non-polluted environment.

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