The Carnic Pievi Trail

Nature, history, art and spirituality in Carnia

Sixteenth Stage

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This stage, which has a relaxing trail in the stretch that leads to the valley floor, it requires a commitment on the physical only in the central part of the route, when it takes off, continuing along the so-called "Via Romana" that led to Auguntum from Aquileia, near the 'present in Lienz Austria.Lungo all the way, which is mainly developed on an easy trail and forest track and almost always in the shade of a lush tree line, you can see artifacts restored with taste and respect to the traditional architecture of Carnia.

Stage Overview

Starting Point Zovello
Arrival Point Timau
Difficulty Tourist trail
Length 17.3 km
Walking time 5 hr, 20 min
Environment Low Mountain
Exposure North - Northeast
Climb (in metres) 425 m
Descent (in metres) 485 m
Map ref. Tabacco, foglio 09
Water springs YES
Suitable for cycling NO
Horse Rideable NO
Presence of a Pieve NO
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Route description

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From the parking lot further down the country go down a steep road ( CAI n 162 ), which quickly exceeds the last houses of Zovello to move to the countryside below the town. A cobbled street at times leads quickly to the Chapel of the Rosary SMdel and a little further into the woods , at a junction down to the right along a trail from the bottom at times disjointed and soon you will come on the regional road 465. Descend left and cross the bridge over the Rio Adder 12268941753(See the Page) , continue along a mule track , the slightly uphill and flat sections at the door Casali Vidal 12268932803(See the Page) where you get on the road asphalt to move in Cercivento di Sopra. Once in the square of the church of St. Martin 12268785315(See the Page) , it comes down to a few tens of meters up to the next intersection and go up to the left , following the sign M.Tenchia . At a junction you come across after about fifty meters turn right at first for a short stretch of paved road and then on the path to go down to Cercivento di Sotto . Here couplings, on crossing the bridge and climb straight up to a few tens of meters to a curve 12268941803(See the Page) where the trail begins , with some minor ups and downs, until the port of Rio Vignes , where he began a forest track 12268939093(See the Page) and follow it to the right. Just beyond , the trail becomes a real road ( CAI n 161) also used as a bike path. Other minor ups and downs allow you to back up a stretch of the right bank of the river But up to the height of a large suspension bridge. On the third hairpin 12269353206(See the Page) you follow a path on the left and after about one hundred meters flat takes you up a small road from the bottom often paved with slight changes in slope and past a chapel 12268784045(See the Page) and several stavoli restored to move to Raut 12268937553(See the Page) , the highest point of the route. You now continue on the paved road to go down to Placcis . Left to the right Cleulis , we will enter the village square , adorned with a century-old linden tree , and down to the right until you take the road that goes down firmly. Met the road that leads to Cleulis dairy Lavareit , cross the bridge (4a) on the Rio Coll'alto after about a hundred meters down to the right in the direction of a farmhouse. Proceed for a short while and go up to the left to reach a small stavolo (4b) , the starting point of the two paths that lead to Timau .

Path 1 . Proceed to the right ( CAI n 161) to move to the ford on the river and But , Having passed , keeping to the left Timau rise to the height of the football field. At the end of the playing enclosure cross the bridge on its shore But to move to the right and from right here on the road to the Sanctuary of Christ the King (Temple Ossuary ) .

2nd path . From stavolo you go left until you reach the paved road that leads to dairy Lavareit . Few meters and turn right at first on the road and then on track trattorabile up to a fenced stavolo where the trail begins ( 4c) that descends to the plain of Timau , where he begins a road leading to the bridge at the field calcium ( 5 ) . Now go straight to move to the Shrine of Christ the King (Temple Ossuary ) (6) .

Since the ford often presents a lot of water , nell'altimetria and "technical data" we take into account the 2nd path , the same length and that to a very small climb combines a landscape more profitable.

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