The Carnic Pievi Trail

Nature, history, art and spirituality in Carnia

The Pievi

Photo of a Pieve

The Pievi, as buildings, have survived and weathered centuries of change. However, what they represented as living institutions eludes perhaps the majority of us today. They live on, in fact, as a memory of the fundamental importance of the preaching of the Christian Gospel to the Ancient Alpine populations. These mountain Pievi were isolated on hills and heights, perched lookout posts, strategically placed to guard the Christian community and the underlying villages. The Pievi not only nurtured their spirit, and governed their lives but also held their hearts.

In Carnia they were ten such churches. The earliest were built in the 5th century, and they took centre-stage in village life through till the 14th century, when the population size meant that larger parishes were needed, and the Pievi began to fall into disuse. Today they are documents to archaeology and history. They contain memories of the times and they conserve wonderful works of art: all testimony to the religious vitality of the inhabitants of the mountains.

Through this link a focus on the Pievi can be found . Otherwise, below, you can learn about the Pievi that are encountered during the Trail.

The Pievi on the Trail: