The Carnic Pievi Trail

Nature, history, art and spirituality in Carnia

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Inspired by the Santiago de Compostela Trail (the Way of St. James), this Carnic Pievi Trail is a walking trail which takes you through a landscape noted both for its mountains and history. Carnia, part of Friuli-Venezia Julia, marks the most north-eastern part of the Italian Alps, and bordering Austria and present-day Slovenia, it has seen its share of history. The Trail passes numerous pievi, small mountain churches, steeped in history and now silent oases for spiritual reflection.


The Trail

The Trail is divided into twenty stages, ten of which reach a Carnic Pieve. The Trail can be taken in its entirety, which will take approximately two weeks, or by following one or more individual stages and your own itinerary.

The Trail was originally conceived as a pilgrimage, and hence is eminently suitable for families. However, those of you without experience of mountains are advised to take a guide, especially where the trail takes you into the mountains. Walking guides can be organised from the "Cjase Emmaus" information centre at Imponzo di Tolmezzo.

At the beginning of each stage you will find useful information regarding walking times and relative difficulty, which will help you decide which stages are the most appropriate for you.  The Tips page , on this website, contains more detailed advice for those wishing to walk some part or all of the trail.

The Carnic Pievi

Opening times

The Pievi are normally open over the weekend in July and August to the first days of September, as well as in conjunction with any event or celebration. It is possible to refer to an updated list of these events by consulting the appropriate section of this website, or also the page dedicated to each pieve. You can also request a special opening by clicking here

The Guide

"Il Cammino delle Pievi in Carnia" (by Melania Lunazzi) Tolmezzo, Tipografia Moro, 2011 (reprint 2012), p. 243, 217 illustrations (color), Archconfraternity of the Holy Spirit San Pietro in Carnia, Via Pieve di S. Pietro - 33020 Zuglio Carnico (UD) The guide can be found at the front desk of Cjase Emmaus Imponzo (at the start of the Trail) or can be ordered by clicking here

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